Building for the Future: Engaging Volunteers Effectively

The art of Bold Asking® does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Nor is it designed as a short-term “fix” unrelated to your organization's ongoing mission and practice. Our goal is to create long-term strength and effectiveness, providing tools your leadership and development staff can continue to build on for years.

Part of this is recognizing that, while organizations and their goals evolve over time, their volunteer structures often lag behind. Volunteers may be left confused about their role, unsure of the value of their contribution, and eventually disengaged from fundraising efforts.

A key part of the art of Bold Asking® program is a thorough analysis of your volunteer structures, their effectiveness and their sustainability. Vision Philanthropy Group consultants work with you to identify and recommend steps for the future. Based on your unique situation, we will offer recommendations for re-tooling, enhancing and sustaining your volunteer structures in order to help achieve your goals and enhance your volunteers’ experience.