We begin by conducting an assessment of your organization’s fundraising and major gift performance. Our goal is to understand not only your challenges and opportunities but also your culture of philanthropy, the sophistication and success of your fundraising practices, and your assumptions about philanthropy. 

We ask participants – Board members, volunteers, the CEO and executive team, and development staff – to complete a simple online survey that has been tailored to your organization. The survey evaluates: 

  • Your philanthropic culture

  • Your team’s experiences with major gift philanthropy

  • The participants’ perceptions of philanthropy and fundraising

  • The level of board engagement in philanthropy

  • The participants’ comfort and success with major gift fundraising

Based on this initial assessment, VPG consultants customize the program to meet your organization’s specific needs and the strengths and challenges of your team.

Training Design

Bold Asking® utilizes proven instructional design theories for training, including:

  • Goal and task analysis of what needs to be learned

  • Performance objectives and how they will be evaluated

  • Evaluation of the learning objectives and

  • Design of learning opportunities that are tied to specific objectives

Our training is based on a mastery of performance objectives delivered in highly interactive and personalized workshops that are safe, comfortable and even enjoyable for the participants. We integrate interactive small group exercises and include many opportunities for discussing, practicing and role-playing the skills and tools shared.