Bold Asking®

Real-life experience. Practical help.

A Training Program for Boards of Directors, Executive Leaders, Physicians and Colleagues and Development Staff to Create Transformational Giving through Powerful Partnerships

Based on decades of experience, our Bold Asking® workshops and personalized one-one -one coaching were developed, at the request of clients, to meet the needs of today’s health care organizations and other non-profits. We have been where you are now. We can quickly assess your strengths, challenges and opportunities and tailor a coaching program that meets your needs and enhances your organization’s performance.

The Bold Asking® interactive workshops are designed to give your board and volunteers, CEO, and physicians the tools they need to identify and engage prospective donors, and partner with the development team inviting their engagement and philanthropic participation with comfort and confidence. We share the most effective practices of highly effect boards, volunteers, CEOs, faculty, physicians and development professionals across the court ry that are elevating philanthropy programs and engaging new donors.

Bold Asking® program includes:

  • Interactive Workshops for

    • Boards

    • CEOs

    • Faculty, physicians and caregivers

    • Development staff

  • Small group training

  • Personalized one-on-one coaching

Susan’s art of Bold Asking® was the focus of a wonderful retreat with our board and development leadership attending. The presentations and interactive discussions gave us confidence in understanding how and when to effectively share our story with community leaders who could support our capital campaign. It was a game-changer to learn how to build relationships that could lead to transformational giving versus transactional giving. With her guidance, we have already experienced record philanthropic investments from both current and new donors. Susan’s counsel is an investment worth making.
— Randy Elliott, Director of Advancement, Brightstone

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