What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

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"We have recently made our first foray into the world of a capital campaign to raise funds for a major multimillion dollar building project. I cannot imagine embarking on this project without the guidance of Vision Philanthropy Group. Being inexperienced fundraisers we asked for coaching in the ‘art of Bold Asking.’ With that coaching they have given us the tools and the language we need to craft successful conversations with our prospects and donors. I now have the confidence I need to be a comfortable and effective ‘asker’ for our historic campaign." 

Starling C. Evins, M.D., FACS  Chief Medical Officer, Williamson Medical Center



“The research at Mass. Eye and Ear is a game changer in finding future cures for blindness and deafness. We needed to accelerate our fundraising program to make sure our world-class scientists have the philanthropic resources required to continue their discoveries. Susan has provided the counsel our entire team, and I, needed to create a high performing fundraising program. With her guidance, we have set audacious goals and are achieving fantastic results that exceed our expectations.”

Wyc Grousbeck, Chairman of the Board, Mass. Eye and Ear and Managing Partner, Governor and CEO of the Boston Celtics



“Susan is a consummate development professional. She knows how to help organizations inspire giving that make a difference.”

  Ray DuBois, M.D., Ph.D, Executive Director, Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University; Member, NCI Board of Scientific Advisors


"So often in the non-profit world, opportunities to involve philanthropists in the transformative work we do are completely missed, simply because we don’t know how to ask.  Vision Philanthropy Group has provided our organization with key coaching in strategic conversations with current and prospective donors, helping us transform our fear of “asking” into bold enthusiasm at the opportunity to forge philanthropic partnerships.  The guidance provided by Vision Philanthropy Group has been incredibly impactful and we look forward to continuing to work with them to grow our fundraising efforts to new heights of excellence."

April Bragg, Ph.D.,  System Director of Grants, Mission Healthcare Foundation


“ When we began our fundraising campaign, most of us were well-intentioned but new to the art of sharing our story and in making “the ask” in our conversation with our friends, family and others regarding our campaign and the new Children's Hospital.  The passion and the belief in our project was there, but the knowledge and skill of how to say what needed to be said to engage our prospects was something that we needed help with.  With coaching in the “art of Bold Asking”, we became comfortable and most importantly confident in the fundraising process and learned thoughtful and effective tools which helped us convey excitement about our project and master the art of "The Ask”.  We experienced great success as a result and even enjoy being involved in the campaign!"

James R Parker, CFP®CRPC®,  Vice President and  Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley